Friday, January 30, 2009

The Model - Inflationary Expansion of the Universe, Tables of Equations and Variables


Anonymous said...

Considering that I am a laymen--does this mean the the universe is growing from some point of origin at a specific rate? A curious post sir. I will return for more physics.


Gary Kent said...

George LeMaitre suggested that the universe should be expanding at a steady rate in the present time, and has been doing so for eons. Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is indeed expanding at a rate that he determined and this rate has been called "the Hubble Constant"

It is now well established that the universe is expanding, but not at a constant rate. I believe that the universe's expansion is slowing down, or decelerating. Other scientists think it is accelerating.

My equations or the MODEL that I have developed, suggests that deceleration is the only way to explain all the facts and that acceleration, the model favored by many cosmologists, is not such a good account of reality.

Acceleration is concluded from a articular interpretation of some observations. It is not necessary to choose this interpretation.

In order to explain this acceleration, ad hoc postulates have been offered. These kinds of off-the-cuff explanations do not explain anything. They complicate matters instead. One of the complications this causes is that there must be some sort of "Dark Energy". DE might stem from Einstein's cosmological constant which he slap-dashedly stuffed into his theory of relativity.

DE is supposed to pervade the universe and is forcing it to expand at an ever increasing rate. Then, if there is such a thing, the total mass & energy inventory of the universe must be so much larger than was thought that this surprise has to be explained too. The trail of ad hoc postulates gets longer and longer as more band-aids are applied to a wound in the logic of the acceleration model.

Very recently it was found that the evolutionary development of galaxy clusters and superclusters is slowing down. This would be expected if the develoment of the whole universe is slowing down (decelerating). But, in order to keep the acceleration idea alive in the face of this fact, more band-aids are needed. More ad hoc fixes are required to make sense of this galactic cluster develpment retardation effect.

It's crazy.

There is no Dark Energy, never was and never will be.