Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dark Energy & Dark Matter As Pseudoscience

If one carefully reads the papers submitted to ArXiv astrophysics, one sees that Saul Perlmutter's and Adam Riess's supernova research groups were not independent and that they were in deep collusion. Perlmutter and Riess actually wrote a paper together.

The data that the two groups got regarding the distances to supernovae and other bright extremely distant objects was not concordant at first. In order to make the two data sets conform, together, they had to apply an "adjustment". This fudge factor was used to bring the data of one set into alignment with the other so that a smooth plot could be made that included all the data points. The sense of this fudge factor alone is the sole "evidence" that they cite for an accelerating rate of expansion of the universe. The adjustment could have been made in the other sense. Then, the universe expansion rate would have been seen as decelerating. But this is unexciting, uninteresting and unmarketable. So acceleration was "in".

Furthermore, Mordehai Milgrom's discovery of the MOND (modified Newtonian dynamics) effect does not recognize that spiral galaxies almost always contain supermassive black holes in their nuclei. Black holes are enormous relativistic point masses with infinite density. Such "singularities" must have singular gravitational fields also. Such fields decline as 1/r - hyperbolically (not as 1/r^2 or parabolically, as assumed by Newton's Law of gravity).

The difference between the hyperbolic gravitational potential and the Newtonian parabolic one accounts for Milgrom's residual centripetal acceleration constant that he found for stars near the peripheries of spiral galaxies. So, the invention of supernatural "Dark Matter" to acount for the MOND effect is as unnecessary as the concoction of spiritual Dark Energy to account for non-existent "acceleration".

So, what do we do about the "missing mass" necessary to account for the flatness apparent in the anisotropy shown by the cosmic microwave background radiation? The easiest way is to postulate that the universe is about 22 times as massive as our little telescopes can discern.

If the universe is that much bigger and more massive, it would account for the CMB characteristics, the red-shift effects, the gravitational lensing effects and the SZ effects that are being used to give credibility to acceleration and Dark Energy. In other words, Dark Energy and Dark Matter are scams on the scale of Piltdown Man and Cold Fusion. Remember, many reputable scientists fell for these frauds. Clearly, this kind of pseudoscience is still going on today!

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